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HOTHESS Mikuláš Rally Online

This online rally is based on HOTHESS Mikuláš Rally, which in real life celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2019. The company with its center in Slušovice in East Moravia is regularly the end of the competition year in the Czech Republic! The competition center is, as usual, located in Slušovice, about 20 kilometers northeast of the regional city of Zlín, where the service zone, closed parking lot and rally headquarters are located. The popular racetrack will be run several times around the well-known racetrack, which will also be complemented by the well-known classic section near Slušovice. The virtual version of this competition completely copies the special stages of the real rally, and in the sixteen-year history of the Richard Burns Rally game, it will happen for the first time that the virtual race will be completely identical to the real model!


Three new special stages are waiting for the drivers - the popular circuit around the Slušovice racecourse, the classic special stage from Lípa to Slušovice - both stages will be run twice during the rally and finally a short exhibition test using again part of the Slušovice circuit.

COMPLETE   99,9%

Online debut: HOTHESS Mikuláš Rally Online 2020

Project info


1. Stages info

SS 1/3 Dostihovka okruh

- 5,37 km

SS 2/4 Fagus Lípa 
- 6,69 km

SS 5 Dostihovka final stage
- 1,17 km

2.  Staqe development


19.4. 2020

- project start

- Agreed creation of SS Dostihovka with Myra43 and modification of SS Zádveřice in to Mikuláš Rally edition with Miro Kurek


Map of the race :


RZ 1/3 Dostihovka okruh - real view

RZ 2/4 Fagus Lípa - real view

22.4. 2020

- building of the Fagus company premises at the start of the special stage


27.4. 2020

- road around the horse race track is almost done. Other by 3/4. The output from Zaxxon could not be used much (there are a lot of large areas and a gentle elevation), so it's a lot about manual work. But it must be fun :-)

5.5. 2020

-  The ground is basically finished, there are still a few details left (thickening of the mesh). Gradually Start to devote buildings and other "junk".

- fphysics is provisional, driveline only the bare minimum

- so far, due to the test, everything is exported as ground so for example, fences dont have transparency

- weather is renamed from front-end RBR (Map04)

- I attach maps for orientation. The start is according to 1A.

- buildings are extracted from OSM maps - for guidance only

Work also progressed on the SS Fagus

-finishing the modelling at ther end of the stage, modified passage through the manure and added retarder

- It remains to add some objects in to stage, generate shadows and then Wallaby

7.5. 2020

-  first proper test of SS Fagus


8.5. 2020

-  visit of Slušovice, taking pictures of buildings for textures

11.5. 2020

-  finish the works at Fagus area
-  Stage Fagus is almost done - works stopped due to works on SS Komárov
-  finish autumn 2020


26.5. 2020

- First buildings at SS Dostihovka 

- ground 90%

- objects 30%

- textures 50%

- integration 30%