Rally star


Always after the race, a poll will be published in our facebook group and anyone will be able to

Add your candidate to the rally star. Ideally, you can state why you are currently choosing that candidate.

The one who gets the most votes wins. The prizes for the competition were donated by




NRC photo competition

The organizer always selects 10 photos after the race, which are published on the official Facebook page.

Subsequently, an expert jury votes and selects the winner.

The winning photo will always be publisher as the timeline photo in our fb group.

Composition of the expert jury:

Dan Šimek a Tomáš Brčko Tomáš Brčko SportFoto
Jakub Hanzelka HOTHESS Style
Radek Caga Radek Caga Photography
Lukáš Staněk LSPhoto
Joe Walker Joevysata Photo
Marek Lokaj Marek Lokaj Photography
Martin Malaník Dron Projekt
Jan Salač Jan Salač - Photo
Staňa Hladík Stanislav Hladík - sportovní fotograf
Jakub Šimek KoubaCvak
Zdeněk Omelka co-driver
Martin Bujáček rally driver

Probíhá hlasování
Probíhá hlasování


Jakub Hofbauer
Jakub Hofbauer


Jakub Hofbauer
Jakub Hofbauer


Tomáš Brčko
Tomáš Brčko


Jakub Hanzelka
Jakub Hanzelka


Zdeňa Omelka
Zdeňa Omelka